CCMDD: Five easy steps to getting started

You have probably heard about CCMDD − the service launched by the National Department of Health as an NHI initiative that provides access to a network of convenient, self-nominated pick-up points where stable public-sector patients can collect their chronic medication.

Over 300 000 people in Durban use the CCMDD service and are loving the convenience of collecting their repeat prescriptions from more than 200 pick-up points across the municipality − where queuing is minimal and stock shortages are rare. The service supports them to adhere to their medication and remain stable.


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CCMDD explainer

Collecting your chronic medication at the clinic can be an inconvenient, frustrating and risky experience. These challenges make it more difficult than it should be for you to manage your high blood pressure, or HIV, or diabetes, or any other chronic condition.


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How does COVID-19 affect people with chronic conditions?

As the Coronavirus has spread around the world, we are learning more and more about this virus and how it affects people. In particular we know that the virus is far more serious for older people, people with chronic conditions, and those with a weaker immune system.


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Sign up to collect your chronic medication from convenient pick-up points and protect your health

As South Africa prepares to start easing lockdown restrictions which have kept people stuck at home for longer than two months, we cannot predict how the COVID-19 pandemic will spread as the country re-opens.


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